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Hyper IaaS®, the Cloud personalized by you!

Hyper IaaS® is a Cloud IaaS offering based on the HPE Hyper-Converged platform and the VMware SDDC software suite.

Thanks to Hyper IaaS®, build your Cloud infrastructure simply and without constraints: Personalize templates, provisioning of virtual machines, disk and network space allocations. Administer your Cloud independently and benefit from support and support services from CHEOPS TECHNOLOGY.

You are a VSE or SME
Host your information system at a very competitive price thanks to Hyper IaaS®. Benefit from high availability hosting in CHEOPS TECHNOLOGY DataCenters. Start small, and scale your Cloud architecture according to your needs. Simplify your administration tasks with the intuitive interface of the Hyper IaaS® portal
Entrust CHEOPS TECHNOLOGY with the supervision and maintenance in operational condition of your IaaS infrastructure, or even optionally the management of your backups.

You are a big company
Hyper IaaS® all ows you to host applications in our French Datacenters while maintaining complete control over your administration. You natively interconnect your information system with Hyper IaaS® using your MPLS
private network or a dedicated LAN to LAN link. You migrate your data and applications with ease, from your internal VMware infrastructure to Hyper IaaS®. No training effort or adaptation of your operating processes: use your vCenter to administer Hyper IaaS®.

You are looking for an alternative to the Public Cloud
Take advantage of the advantages of pay-per-use while preserving your application portfolio. No modification of your applications is necessary to migrate to Hyper IaaS® : publisher prerequisites are respected (tailor-made templates), high availability is native (VMware HA), performance guaranteed. Keep your legacy of OS, middleware and database licenses (BYOL: Bring Your Own Licenses): your Cloud Hyper IaaS® infrastructure is completely dedicated and therefore compatible with your existing licenses. Control your reversibility: the Veeam backup solution integrated with Hyper IaaS® is 100% compatible with your existing infrastructure.

Hyper IaaS® is the professional Cloud that adapts to your needs:
A Cloud IaaS offer based on:

  • an HPE “vSAN ReadyNodes” Hyper-Converged infrastructure
  • The VMware Cloud Foundation unified SDDC platform (vSphere Enterprise, vSAN, NSX, vCloud Director).

A dedicated infrastructure (twosocket Intel nodes, datastores, VLAN),scalable from 2 to 12 nodes, hosted on one or two French data centers (extended cluster option). Freely evolve this infrastructure according to your needs, and pay for your resources on demand.

A Veeam Backup backup solution managed by your teams (or optionally by CHEOPS TECHNOLOGY). Choose your backup strategy based on the criticality of your data, benefit from duplicated and secure backup storage, recover or synchronize your data between your infrastructure and Hyper IaaS®. Optionally, receive your data on bands at a defined frequency.

New customization options on a Cloud IaaS offer: create your private catalog of VMware virtual machines, upgrade the resources of each VM without limits or constraints, integrate the Firewall and Load balancing components of your choice, etc.

A wide choice of network connectivity: Internet access, SSL or IPSEC VPN links, MPLS (all operators), LAN to LAN level 2. Access your Cloud resources without compromising your client /server applications, or decide to publish these applications in HyperIaaS. The guarantee of regulatory compliance through a contract under French law and compliance with standards and approvals. 24x7 access to a service center in French, via the web portal, email and telephone. It provides technical support on Hyper IaaS® and can take charge (optionally) of managing your backups.

The free choice to use either a very intuitive resource management portal or your vCenter.
Limit training time for your teams and administer your Cloud resources as easily as your own infrastructures.

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