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Certified at the highest level since 1998, CHEOPS TECHNOLOGY has developed deep expertise in HPE's technological solutions.

  • HPE  Platinum Partner

Servers, storage systems, hyper convergence, composable infrastructure, network or Edge Computing, CHEOPS TECHNOLOGY has a comprehensive and meaningful range of products and services to help you meet the challenges of digital transformation. The CHEOPS TECHNOLOGY team includes dozens of certified consultants and experts in order to support our customers in their digital transformation projects, hybrid cloud or internet of things (IoT).

CHEOPS TECHNOLOGY has selected HPE technologies to build its Cloud Computing iCod® offerings.

HPE and CHEOPS TECHNOLOGY have partnered to promote the latest iCod In-Memory® Cloud and Hyper IaaS® offerings to their customers.

Partners completely in sync, CHEOPS TECHNOLOGY and HPE are both committed to a strategy focused on innovation.

HPE and CHEOPS TECHNOLOGY announced that HPE’s sales team would begin marketing CHEOPS Cloud offers in January 2017.

HPE awarded CHEOPS TECHNOLOGY the 2016 Partner of the Year Award in Boston, USA, in September 2016.

Throughout the year, CHEOPS TECHNOLOGY is pleased to cohost numerous events with HPE to highlight the different solutions and services available to customers that can fully meet their needs and expectations.

For more information: https://www.hpe.com/en/home.html

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