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Modern management of user devices

CHEOPS TECHNOLOGY and its partner MOBILE IRON present this webinar to you to know how:

--- Extend automation and security to user devices,
--- Reduce costs and encourage innovation by managing your fleet remotely.


- How to make security transparent for the user? How to instantly detect and react to an attack to protect corporate data, without user action? Is it possible to delete passwords? Or at least with a unique signature? How to support the user each time they make a security error? What happens if it connects to a pirated Wifi? How do I tell him what tools are allowed to send prohibited documents and which are authorized? What happens if the user tries to save business documents to a personal Drive? How to manage a user who clicks on a phishing link or downloads a dangerous application?

- Automation allows IT departments to stop touching user devices. In addition to corporate devices, is it possible to add the devices of employees and even your subcontractors? What happens to traditional PC management tools, “Master” images, GPOs, repositories…? Do the enrollment mechanisms go as far as Zero Touch and can be enrolled automatically on 1st start? For applications, is it possible to automate their publication, distribution and update?

- Cost reduction: does automation free up IT teams to focus on innovation? Is the integration of multiple components subject to cost consolidation? Such as VPNs, conditional access management, Zero password MFA, password management, remote control, PKI, attack protection, etc.                    



Thursday 16 July 2020
15h - 16h

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