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How to manage a Wan, Lan and WiFi network in a unified way ?

present solutions that will allow you to implement a new generation network.

This presentation will be an opportunity to show you how:
--- Federate WAN and LAN in a single interface,
--- Manage the entire network from anywhere,
thanks to Aruba Central

and with SD-BRANCH, how to :
--- Concentrate WAN and LAN services in a single device,
--- Give the right rights to the right devices
through dynamic segmentation,
--- Have a unified WAN, LAN and WIFI offer

You will also discover the latest generation Aruba WiFi hotspots
as well as all the integrated technologies.
All these points will be raised through these new challenges:
security, availability, mobility and simplified administration.


Tuesday 30 June 2020
15h - 16h

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of Cheops Technology

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